About Jackie Gold-Bronson


Having grown up on a small holding in Brakpan in the 50’s and pottering about in her fathers scrapheap after school, foraging for brick-a-brac to entertain herself on those thunderstorm ridden afternoons, Wilhelmina Jacqueline Strupehampchen always knew her life was destined for greatness.

Her ability to transform the waste of others into useful, meaningful objects helped form her love for welding and her passion for plastics. Nothing turned her on more that the smell of MEKP mixed with Resin and the feel of freshly sanded fibreglass scratching her skin while combining with sweat and carbon dust from the reconditioning of break-pads.

A failed marriage in her mid teens to local heartthrob and gangster Micky “the Duke” Gold , left her with a broken heart, a wheezy chest and addiction to plain cigarettes, as well as a keen sense of business.

Some say that Willie, as she was known to the locals, was Micky’s last big deal. She was also the only person to have seen Micky shoot himself 5 times in the head the night he committed suicide.

A chance trip to Paris in the 70’s as a drug mule, opened up the world to her where for the first time she experienced French Onion Soup, and the rough, loving hands of of her future husband, fashion photographer and part time sheep shearer, Benoit Bronson. It was Benoit who convinced her to start calling herself Jackie while making love on a park bench on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées one Spring evening in 1972. 

After a brief stint in prison she was released into Benoit's care, where for ten years she was exposed to the fashion world and rubbed shoulders with the most famous models of the time: Christy, Eva and Helena to name a few.

After shadowing the models on shoots she soon realised that the extent of the modelling work was not terribly demanding. She formed an idea to create an agency for herself of Super Models that  demanded neither Overtime, gluten free sprouted lactose free lattes, massages or toilet breaks. These would be the super models of the future.

After years of managing the most demanding talent in Europe and the USA, Jackie decided to return to the land of her birth and launch her new dream agency.

Our Mannequins never get tired, they never complain, they never need the loo but can hold that look and pose - the whole day.

They sleep in snug cardboard accommodation in a secure location and are always happy for a total make over.

If you yourself are a Mannequin that’s a bit stiff and totally plastic, Jackie Gold-Bronson is the agency for you.

We are the first Mannequin Agency offering a fully bespoke and customisable service!



The fee is R400/Mannequin per day. 

OR R850/Mannequin per week.

We charge a once off admin fee per hire of R300 , should the total hire fee be less than R1000.

Please note that the hire commences on the day of collection and ends the day of return to our premises.

All hire fees must please be paid BEFORE any Mannequin may leave our premises. 

We will supply a ProForma Invoice before the hire period.

Deposits will be returned within 72 hours of final return and sign off the job as well as any damages.


All fees excludes VAT.


Mannequin Looks

Our Mannequins are always shown on the website sporting their latest looks from recent work shoots or portfolio shoots.

From time to time they may be remodelled to a plain white/tan look depending on their natural, original state. Please enquire as to each Mannequin’s current state specifically when booking.

They can be resprayed to white/tan at no extra fee for a confirmed hire.


Custom Looks (Optional extra cost to Mannequin Hire)

We have on our team the International Multi Award Winning Body/Make-up Artist – Jim Raubenheimer.

Her amazing work has been featured in Hollywood Blockbusters, Fashion shows and International Fashion Editorials!

Jim is on standby to create your own look on our Mannequins – for a fee Jim will create a bespoke set of Mannequins that are sure to add the correct Fizz to your installation, show or launch.


*Fashion face: the makeup look, from day to glam..

R400 per face/head or

R350 when more than 5 Mannequin Faces


*Extreme face: character makeup, themed, day of dead etc

R550 per face/head or

R450 when more than 5 Mannequin Faces


*Half body: any theme, client can give refs

R800 per half or

R700 when more than 5 half Mannequin Body and Face


*Full body: any theme

R1700 per body or

R1400 when more than 5 Full Mannequins Body and Faces

Please note that our Mannequins do not come standard with wigs. Please enquire while booking and we can advise the best way forward at the time.




All damages are to your account so please take care of the Mannequins at all times. They are very special and have feelings too.

Please make sure you take a good look at every part of these beautiful Mannequins on collection and record any defects. Please point these out to our representative who will make a note on the booking sheet at the time.

There is a breakages deposit of R600/Mannequin per hire period as well. This is refundable on return of the Mannequin and on sign off from our representative.

Should a Mannequin be damaged, we will send you a quotation for the repair with our Cosmetic Technicians. We will offset this from any deposit and any outstanding balance will need to be paid on invoice please.